A New Way To Embrace Change

Photography by Bradford Chase

The sound of rushing water is hypnotic; the steady rhythm of wet dripping notes pounding out on rock drums far below. A cooling mist blows from the falls as the energy of the descending water creates its own wind.

Painted ferns dance to the music and shine in the kaleidoscope of sunbeams bouncing around on natures stage.

I sit in the quiet company of elder trees and listen.

My thoughts turn to the words of an ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, who said, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he is not the same man.”

Heraclitus was big on change. In his writings, he spends a lot of time contemplating and philosophizing on the present day idea of “Universal Flux.”

Some attribute another famous saying to him, “the only thing constant in life is change.”

I imagine myself a champion of change and dream about seeking new surroundings, new ideas, always looking for new territory to venture into. I’m a drifter.

In my real world, I’m not so big on change. I like adventure, but I’ve grown older and wiser and now measured risk is more my speed. I wander, but with a purpose.

I’m glad for an opportunity to see the changing river flow, the change of the seasons, or the downward change of the price of gas; but for me and my life, my excitement for change wanes.

Resting on a fallen log in natures den, I breathe in the forest air, and the strong smell of wet leaves.

I know that to shy from change sets the foundation for stopping progress and then we stop the evolution needed for success.

I realize that change means moving forward into the unknown.

Perhaps it’s not change that causes anxiety, but this idea of unfamiliar territory.

So, how can we overcome this fear?

Under the shimmering water of the flowing stream beside me sit multicolored rocks smooth from the constant flow of the ever changing river.

Water can polish hard stone.

Another good change I don’t mind seeing; and I learn two new success-oriented ideas.

The first; challenges of life polish our character. I need to embrace them as learning opportunities that grow my spirit. The second; persistent efforts over long periods can change the shape of situations that seem impossible to alter.

I admire the flowing water making its way through rocks and trees with determination.

I realize the water creates a new path as it meets resistance, slowly moving large amounts of earth in little increments to form the new direction it needs to flow.

Yet another metaphor to jot down; anytime I meet resistance I sense to be unmovable I can work slowly and deliberately to get things redirected toward my goals.

I love wandering through the woods, wading through the rivers, and relaxing under the umbrella of trees.

Life is determined to teach me lessons, and my camera is excited to capture them all.

I take pictures & write stories. Sometimes I get paid. A perpetual student of life who gets lost on purpose. Clap. Hit Follow. Come along for the ride.

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