A Simple Plea Of Logic In Our Nation Of Turmoil

Lighthouse at sunset
Is the sun finally setting on a nation once steeped in greatness? (photo by Bradford Chase; wanderingpixels.com)

There is a simple story which highlights a known truth for success or prosperity.

Three birds sat on a high wire talking about flying to great places and hoping for the chance to move to higher ground and seeing great sights. They planned and reconsidered those plans, and developed new ideas and hashed out details. There were cats below this wire and dangers in the air above them and dissention as to what the best course of action might be.

Three days later, how many birds do you think were on that wire? What about a week later?

The answer is three. Because hope and talk and planning are not the same as effort and action. It’s easy to say one thing and do another or nothing at all. Until action is taken, there is no evidence to demonstrate who we really are or see if what we believe is the right or wrong course of action really might be. We must physically do something. And when we do, our true nature is demonstrated to the rest of the world.

Which makes me believe that those who identify as Liberal Democrats can no longer claim to be a group that live honorably, or convince us they care about the principles our great nation started from when we separated from a government of tyranny and sought independence and freedom; they show us this in their actions.

Because, our true character and integrity shine brightest not form the words we utter, but from the actions we take.

Any individual who refuses to speak out against evil, refuses to decry the violence and looting done under the guise of “protesting” and failing to identify that the leaders of their party are frequently guilty of lying, cheating, hypocrisy, and using positions of power for personal gain, these people demonstrate a spirit of evil and not a reflection of honorable character. Anyone who stands by quietly as their party destroys the lives of innocent business owners, and wreck the lives of other without care; by default are just as guilty and should be ashamed of who they’ve become. This is the way of liberal progressives and it needs to be talked about for what it is; hypocrisy and power grabbing, selfish, and divisive.

And these individuals can’t point their fingers across the aisle and cry hypocrisy(!) either, because hypocrisy requires saying one thing and doing another.

Most conservatives don’t claim to be free of these same traits as our liberal colleagues do. They don’t live with a “holier then thou” attitude. In fact, they openly admit them, and try to find ways to remove them from our nature. They don’t hide behind a façade of justice and tear down those very false fronts liberals so quickly jump behind with some unnatural pride. Liberals revel in this filth and wear it as a badge of honor.

Conservative Republicans and Independents are quick to admit that our leaders are not perfect. They lie. They act with hypocrisy when it suits them, and they too are guilty of using their positions of power for personal gain. The difference is we are not afraid to confront evil even in our own party, and speak out against those who violate our trust in their integrity and character, because real integrity and good character demands we do.

Name the last time a liberal democrat spoke out against the actions of their own party. They won’t. They relish lying and deceiving and ignore how that demonstrates a lack of integrity and character. But the world sees it clearly.

The recent attack on the Capitol was one of the very few times the extreme right got out of control, and these were the extremists not the majority of the conservative party members. In just about every other instance, conservatives do not loot and burn innocent people’s business and homes when things do not go the way we want them too. We do not pay protestors to create havoc in the name of democracy and freedom of speech. We mourn at the destruction of hard working business owners and simple individuals caught in the wrong place as chaos unfolds around them. Liberals thrive on being destructive in the name of “justice.” The burn black owned businesses. They loot and call it okay. The scream and yell at innocent people trying to enjoy a meal. This behavior is barbaric.

Conservatives do not censor people who do not think like we do; we let them have their say and we use logic, education, reason, and history to evaluate and act for against ideas that oppose our own. We do not re-write history. Liberals scream down and ban what they don’t like, too afraid of the message to even tolerate the messengers. And yet from the same mouth ask for freedom of their speech and their ideas.

The evidence here is strong, that the hearts and minds of liberals are hardened against listening.

Their eyes are blinded to seeing destruction and divisive actions for the evil is brings. They close their minds to any idea different from their own and ignore the simple fact that they give up the chance to ever add experience and knowledge to their basis of understanding.

The scientific method requires an acknowledgement there is always information we do not know. Within this realm of the unknown may be facts or elements that disprove current ideas we hold as “settled science” because in our enormous universe, there is no such thing as “settled science” and at any moment we may discover something new that reverses our current understandings. This very established fact is proven almost every day as technology advances our ability to study the world around us.

Liberal democrats no longer get the privilege to participate in new learning. By their own choices they forfeit the chance to learn that the world they believe is true may in fact be quite different than their current perception. They willfully lock their minds from accepting that anything contrary to their stale mind and stagnant wisdom could possibly exist and in doing so they doom themselves to a miserable life of ignorance, mired in sadness, hate, and evil and removing any hope of rising above this anger and loneliness.

Time is no more than man’s feeble attempt to constrain eternity. From the moment man came to being until the measured time that man no longer is part of the universe, we use measured moments to identify progress and build on history. Every day we are provided with a chance to create a world that celebrates life. We are provided the power to destroy the beauty and freedom our founding fathers provided when building a foundation based on free speech, freedom to pursue happiness, and the right to defend those freedoms at a cost up to and including giving of lives for such a goal.

Many of our fellow Americans; human beings who looked at the importance of our rights and those freedoms and made conscious decision that giving up their own life was a worthwhile payment to help guarantee our Country’s future. They died so the constitution might live.

And liberal democrats are working as hard as they can to make those deaths meaningless.

They want to tell us what we can say and who we can say it to. They want to penalize people who work hard and build a business and create for themselves personal wealth and a stable future. They want to take that money and give it people too lazy and swimming in a pool of victimhood and tell them they deserve what others have worked their lives to build. And they do this under some misunderstood concept of “fairness.”

They fantasize that our world is so altruistic, everyone will participate fairly and honorably, only taking what they need and making certain their neighbors have equal shares and their needs are all met. They envision a world where everyone gets along peacefully and strives as a group to reach goals for the common good.

And yet, they make this point by destroying the lives of people in the process. They steal, loot, and burn. They violently protest and scream at those whose beliefs are different. They tell us how to speak, what we can say, they censor anyone who doesn’t toe the line and chant their mantra.

Please, describe for us the source of the miraculous event that suddenly takes all these violent and hateful people and transforms them into citizens whose only goal is the altruistic care of their fellow traveler? When will they demonstrate the very principals they say they are fighting to gain for our entire country?

Explain how that transformation is accomplished and you immediately gain the support of every American. Without exception. We all want everyone to be cared for and happy and feel a purpose in life.

But conservatives think logically. We are not so simple minded and we know it cannot be done, because there are too many people who are selfish; too many people who are jealous, too many people who are greedy, too many people who are hateful, and too many people who are trapped in a mentality of victimhood. These people are found in both liberal and conservative circles. Evil will always exist and so a hope for utopia will always fail. Always.

These people will never change and when provided with an opportunity lie, cheat, steal, or take advantage of another human; they will do it every time. By default this leaves two classes of people who will always exist among us. Those who live and exist at the expense of others and those who struggle to survive as real victims of those bound to a life of evil.

Happiness and Good requires an open mind and an open heart, softened to admit when a path is wrong and strong enough to change course when all the signs indicate it’s the right thing to do. The easy path of least resistance is always the one that lets you wander off a cliff. Falling takes no effort. Climbing requires action and energy. Think about that how it might apply to where you are in life right now.

Wipe the cloudiness from your eyes and remove the chains of ignorance from your mind. Stop for just one moment and acknowledge that the only way we can ever increase wisdom is to start from a position of ignorance and use logic and reason to reach conclusions that make sense. We must pull off the blinders that narrow our vision and realize there are questions we don’t even know to ask to get information we don’t even know yet we need.

It is a proven phenomenon that when we expose ourselves to false information repeated over and over again, our mind begins to accept that known falsity as some kind of new, true information. We get brainwashed to believe information proven false and incoherently follow it as a truth. People who live in a world of evil know this scientific phenomenon. They use it every day. They repeat debunked and false information over and over and over again. We leave the TV or Radio on and permeates our mind and infiltrates our thinking and with no conscious effort of our own, we blindly accept it as truth and suddenly see those who speak the real truth as naysayers and purveyors of false information, when in fact our own brain is now wired to deny actual facts and actual truth.

I can sight multiple examples, but why waste the time? The thinkers already accept them and those with senses dulled by years of misinformation immediately dismiss them as false. Only real, open minds would see the disparity and those or so few to find in today’s climate.

We’ve let the clouds of ignorance descend into our neurons and shut off the ability to learn or grow. We willfully give up all opportunity to learn. We freely hand over our own soul to be controlled by those who’ve lied to us and duped us to submission. Their mission is complete. They have their money. They have their power. They have a mass of mindless people who do their bidding under the guise of community.

Liberal democrats look around at this point and say, “what happened,” still to closed minded to admit it may be from their own actions, while those of us who leave our minds open to logic and reason sigh in emotional exhaustion; understanding that world devolved into exactly the state we knew it would. Look at downtown LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, and more. These are right now, in-your-face examples of what happens with false logic and yet they look right at these failures and deny they exist.

The result is predictable because we who believe history has value looked to it and used the wisdom of those who came before us to outline exactly how things play out when evil and hate filled people try to create a world of happiness.

Like oil and water, those two never will mix. So the choice is clear. You can chose to let freedom continue. Let America be America and base our lives on the freedoms provided by the Constitutional foundation our country sits upon. We allow people to express their feelings; good and bad. We allow people the right to protect themselves from evil. We allow people to develop new technology and new opportunities that benefit everyone and allow them to get paid for the work they put into those processes. We allow the natural rewards that come from hard work and fair play, and we allow the natural consequences to those who chose to sit and watch without working or effort. They both get the life they choose and the life those choices provide them.

We punish those who try to take something they don’t deserve and we speak out against those who feel the world owes them more than the life they live.

As so eloquently stated, we hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men (and women) are created equally. There is no distinguished separation otherwise. Skin color, race, and religious beliefs are irrelevant. We should all have equal rights to grow, and to build, and to engage in fair trade. We should all have the opportunity to learn and grown in knowledge and wisdom, we should all be free to express how we feel and let people know when we are mad or upset, but we are not free to do any of these things at the expense of limiting another member of our national community. This is the foundational idea our Founding Fathers used while creating this great nation.

The role of government is to serve the people. The responsibility of the people is to support the government, but the path each of us chose to travel in life is our responsibility. There is no responsibility of the government to control or direct all portions of the lives of free people. Self-reliance and personal responsibility are the elements that provide the freedoms we strive to hold.

Ego cannot be ignored, but it must be controlled. Greed holds hand with evil and will exist into eternity until it is removed by a power higher than mankind. Because of greed, mankind will never be a society capable of equal distribution. It cannot happen. Denying this fact does not make it any less evident. There is no rational or logical path that can avoid the effects of greed on a community striving to hold all members as equal. This is an emotion we have no control over.

This is not saying all people are greedy, but it is saying there will always be greedy people, people who feel they deserve more or things they haven’t earned. This is an undeniable fact. These people will always exist and because they always exist, it is logically impossible to ever experience a world in which the only concern we have is for the care and comfort of our neighbors. That is a Utopia outside any reality. It will never exist as long as evil exists.

So our goal is simple.

We acknowledge that life is a limiting factor in all that we accomplish. We are challenged with the goal of creating a world that sees evil for what it is. We identify people who choose to defy the merits of a gentile society and we remove them from our presence. We lift up people who demonstrate the characteristics of growth and vision. We embrace those who live in service to others and support movements to build community strength.

Those who chose hate and violence are shunned, pushed to the outside and allowed to reap the consequences of the life they choose to live. If hate and evil is their choice, so be it. They choose misery and loneliness, our fight for freedom allows for such a declaration and they are entitled to wander in darkness as much as we are also allowed to be open and free in happiness and light.

Americans start to see each other as fellow humans. The color of our skin or the religious beliefs are secondary to the person and all people are given the same opportunities afforded us by the documents on which this great country has grown into as the most successful and prosperous place to live in the entire world. That did not happen by using the theories and failed policies of any other country on earth, as our liberal leaders believe we should do. Our Constitution and our Bill of Rights brought us here. People don’t run from America, they run too it. You don’t build a new piece of equipment with used parts. Likewise, you don’t build on the newest and most prosperous country with used doctrine from failing ideology. Simple logic, yet foreign thinking to our socialist and liberal friends.

We must maintain the independence so many bravely fought to defend and refine the ideas so successful in the past to ensure our survival into the future remains as bright with optimism as it shone in our country’s humble beginnings.

May God continue to bless America, the land that I love.

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