As noted and well respected clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson says; our mind and our world vision will rewire itself to only see the things we focus on. Psychologists Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris showed this best with their “Monkey Business” experiment.

We all suffer from an “inattentional blindness.” Failing to see something obvious when focusing attention on something else.

Because of this, the term “racist” is losing its meaning when thrown around so easily and published without regard, as in this article.

Viewpoint determines how we interpret a situation, a sentence, or a word and it happens on both the political left and the political right. No one is immune and because of our own tendencies to want to see objects for the way WE want to see objects or action, the Country is being divided.

Not because Trump is in office and no more than when Obama was in office.

If you recall, when Obama was president the political right felt strongly that his speech and his rhetoric was the worse dividing force in America. Now with Trump in office, we express exactly the same feeling daily, but by the political left.

Let’s look at the comments from the article regarding “send them home.”

Trump is not a wordsmith and his speeches are not elegant by any means. Nothing like those of President Obama.

What Trump himself has explained following his tweets was a much more rational explaination for his comments; if the congresswomen are not happy in America and they are perpetually complaining about it, they are free to leave and go to any place they feel is better.

He meant nothing racist by the comments. In fact, every time he’s called a “racist” he’s made similar remarks that if you or I said them, we’d never get labeled with that same moniker.

He speaks in blue-collar language and shoots from the hip.

It’s clear he is not the elegant president everyone wants, and the persistent hatred that’s being carried because Hillary lost is blinding so many decent Americans to the actual work he is doing as president.

The focus should be on why the Democrat controlled House has done nothing to further or improve our country since the 2016 election. Their entire effort and focus has also been on trying to remove or impeach Trump. The three years of focusing on a “Russian Collusion” hoax despite repeated investigations finding NO such collusion is another disappointing example.

And yet, “inattentional blindness” continues to direct their sentiments to the improvements seen on our country since Trump took office.

The economy is booming. The middle class workforce is at an all-time high and wages are significantly better than when Obama was in office. Unemployment for people of color is at the lowest it's EVER been. The stock market just hit a record high mark. Inflation is stable and more jobs have returned to the USA than have left compared to all the presidents before him in the past 20 years.

An yet, “racist” is thrown around as a battle cry against Trump, ignoring similar racist remarks from Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and President Obama in the past.

But again, “inattentional blindness” shows up again and articles like this get lots of claps.

I’m not defending Trump’s lack of sophistication, his brash response to anyone who dislikes him, or his well-known tendency to spew blatant lies.

But we do not consider context and his intent when he tweets something about anyone of color; it’s blindly considered racism regardless of these things and that is a slippery slope we should not play on.

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