It’s Not One Of The Angry Birds

In stark contrast to bright white snow falling around it, the vivid red cardinals presented even greater contrast while foraging for breakfast. Abundant snow and cold temperatures didn’t hamper their typical early morning antics through the yard.

Observing, I realized these beautiful creatures appear unburdened by what goes on around them as they set about getting things done for the day.

They’re not distracted by rain. They are out and working for a meal in the snow. When it gets cold, they fluff up their form-fitting down jacket and get moving.

They act like their survival depends on getting certain tasks completed regardless of obstacles or challenges they face each day to make things happen.

They make me feel lazy sometimes; and they’re just a bird.

Amazing to think about; many times we humans show less fortitude than these birds. We get coddled being warm, cozy, and comfy and anything that upsets that balance will to easily squash our motivation or enthusiasm.

For some reason if things are difficult we equate that to having a “bad day”.

When did we decide that to be good, life needs to be easy?

Remember the feeling when you beat a challenge and what a tremendous sense of accomplishment came with it?

Is a big win really a big win if there isn’t some kind of obstacle we overcome?

Doesn’t it feel better when we get a little dirty and struggle through something difficult to reach our intended goal?

I don’t want to let success be something just for the birds.

There is a reason that none of the great successful people I look to for inspiration found their victories while watching other people do the work.

They live it to achieve it.

As the saying goes, “If two birds are sitting in a tree and one decides to fly away, how many birds are left sitting in the tree?”


Deciding to accomplish something is not the same as doing it. Just like knowing “hope” is not a planning tool.

There’s a big difference between thinking and doing. Success requires action. I can’t just decide to be successful and expect anything to change.

Progress takes movement. Movement takes effort. Effort can be hard work to overcome what stands in our way.

It may be time to stop letting birds make us look bad in the realm of success.

I take pictures & write stories. Sometimes I get paid. A perpetual student of life who gets lost on purpose. Clap. Hit Follow. Come along for the ride.

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