What We Lose When Walking With Blinders On

Photography by Bradford Chase

If you fail to observe the performance created in nature around you, I believe you miss out on valuable lessons handed to you for free every day.

Really take a moment and consider this statement:

Hydraulic force is an incredible example of nature’s power.

I want to you to fully imagine the power of moving water. Close your eyes for a second and visualize pounding ocean waves. Sense the wet pressure capable of shifting beach sand and ocean dunes. Hear the roar of surf crashing against hard rocks and feel the spray wash across your face.

I’m going somewhere with this, so don’t drift away just yet.

Moving water can destroy mountains, dig canyons, and carve stone. Focused water can produce pressures capable of cutting metal.

As you bring the full understanding of what incredible energy develops from moving water, it seems to be an unstoppable force to reckon with.

With the images of this power fresh in your mind, now realize something invisible can stop water from doing any of those things.

An unseen element that offers you and me no resistance, something we, as humans, can walk through with no effort; will blanket a body of water and expunge its influential strength.

What is this silent but powerful thing?

Cold air.

Cold air has great strength when it comes into contact with water for an extended period; long enough and it can stop water in its tracks.

And it accomplishes this feat just by hanging around.

Just being present with water, even having no intention of influencing the power a waterfall provides against the rocks surrounding it.

In fact, working together, cold air causes water to break apart a large rock, leaving it less intimidating.

While admiring such talent from the same air I need to survive; I thought about a life lesson captured in the photograph I snapped.

I am surrounded everyday by people with their own agendas. They exert forces that influence my movement and journey, many with no intention or even any conscious thought regarding who I am or what I’m doing.

There are some who speak with innocence, but jokingly mock my goals and question my progress in life.

Or perhaps they question the manner in which I am trying to reach those goals.

Sometimes, these interactions give me insight to re-evaluate my goals or they strengthen my drive to push harder to prove them wrong.

Either response can be a constructive one.

But just like cold air hanging over moving water; if I expose myself to these same people for an extended period, the criticism becomes like a scourge and destroys the core of my ambitions.

They affect my journey and my goal-reaching progress slows to a crawl or stops altogether.

I can smile, though, knowing nature provides an answer to this challenge.

Warmer air.

Washing over the frozen water, even a temperate change in the environment will free a frozen waterfall from an icy grasp.

And I have the same opportunity.

I too can surround myself with positive people who offer encouragement. I can dismiss the cold air of negativity, get back on my way to reaching my goals, and regain my ambition.

Warming back up to my ideas, I see the sunlight in my goals, and move forward again.

Learning from the waterfall; getting frozen for a time doesn’t mean it stops all progress forever. It may also just be a season I need to pass through to continue.

The lesson learned; I need to always gravitate to positive people and of course, the warmer weather!

I take pictures & write stories. Sometimes I get paid. A perpetual student of life who gets lost on purpose. Clap. Hit Follow. Come along for the ride.

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