Why Even A Small Idea Has Big Promise

Photography by Bradford Chase

As I’ve mentioned many times, I believe the world surrounding us brings valuable lessons every day, but we need to lift our heads from our phones and open our eyes or we miss out on one of life’s greatest gifts.

Take the hummingbird, for example.

A few weeks ago, these little birds took flight with humming wings, pointing their long beak southward to warmer places for the winter. I don’t blame them. More than once in the past few years I also considered flying south until the weather warmed up.

While in town, these little acrobats always amaze me with their antics.

I learn the lesson of patience when trying to get a picture of these blurred-wing flutter bugs. They dart, rarely stay in one place long, and are a little apprehensive around me and my big black camera; even when sitting motionless, using a zoom lens to peak in from afar.

The average hummingbird weighs a whopping 3 grams. For comparison; the nickel in your pocket weighs 4.5 grams. It seems the ball of feathers is a lot of fluff.

For a tiny bird, they show little fear when defending territory. I’ve witnessed this featherweight fighter take on big blue jays and crows when they felt their big jar of red nectar may tempt a looter.

And yet, as small as they are; some migrate over 2000 miles every year and include a 500 mile flight crossing the vast Gulf of Mexico. Can you imagine this speck of a bird, wings beating furiously miles out a sea with no landfall in sight?

Do you think birds get anxiety? If so, that might be a good time. They show more courage than I have currently.

All this is interesting but why do I care about this pocket-sized bird?

Life lessons bird-style comes from a tiny package carrying an enormous dose of inspiration.

I’m encouraged because size does not impact its vision of goals or achievement. Smallness fails in deterring it from living life towards maximum accomplishments every day.

The hummingbird doesn’t worry about bigger competition, larger obstacles, or perceived impediments.

In fact, it uses small size to its advantage.

It moves quicker and in different directions than larger birds it encounters. It uses energy efficiently. It learns to adapt to changing environments.

The hummingbird does not appear to lack confidence; proving itself with remarkable feats considered unreasonable when looking only at its stature.

I like the way this little bird thinks big, and we can all learn something beneficial from watching this micro-sized aerobatic wonder.

Our small thoughts or little ideas when nurtured, can accomplish large things or impact lives in a big way.

Smaller companies can compete with larger entities, but they must figure out how to use their size to their advantage.

Sometimes we need a willingness to travel a greater distance along life’s path to reach our intended destination. We may feel small and alone, but we push forward anyway as if our life depends on it.

Learn that size doesn’t really matter; the key is determination and persistence.

I take pictures & write stories. Sometimes I get paid. A perpetual student of life who gets lost on purpose. Clap. Hit Follow. Come along for the ride.

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