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This Is A Dangerous Reason Racism Will Lose Its Meaning In America

It’s frightening when fables we heard as children become lessons we do not learn as adults.

We’re watching this unfold around us in present time.

Do you remember the childhood story of the boy who cried wolf?

As a refresher; a young man charged with watching over a flock of sheep grew bored and thought it would be funny to watch the entire town come running when he cried, “Wolf!”

The townsfolk didn’t think it amusing the first, second, or third time he did it. He sure got a kick out of watching every one scramble, though.

The people of the town were normally a very patient and considerate group. They did everything they could to help each other when needed, and the thought of a wolf attacking anyone’s flock was horrifying to every one of them.

But the young man’s game grew tiresome, and it got to where even the nicest and most conscientious individuals of the town just stopped listening when he made the cry, “Wolf!”

But then the unthinkable happened.

An actual wolf showed up and started to attack his flock. The young man was distraught. He called, and called, and called, “Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!”

But not a single person heard him. No one came to his aid and unfortunately he lost his entire flock to the wolf.

You see, he’d made that cry too many times and when there was a real wolf, not a soul believed him or were even stirred by his pleas.

We can say the same for a current generation that misunderstands the meaning of “racism” and believes it’s defined as not agreeing with someone of color.

It will destroy an entire flock.

The cry of “Racism!” is making that term meaningless to our population by its overuse, misuse, and how quickly it gets spewed from the mouth of anyone who feels offended hoping to make people come running to their aid.

Unfortunately, it’s now becoming only noise to people who tire of hearing it yelled when it does not apply.

There was a time when most Americans bristled at the term, and across the country most people yearned to see each other for their accomplishments and turn a blind eye to skin color.

But we hold race issues alive when a group perpetually sees themselves as different and highlights their differences at every given opportunity, using those differences as a battle cry rather than a chance to add diversity to a culture.

We seem to forget racism has a very clear and definable definition: Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

Make note this definition omits having a different opinion, having a different viewpoint, or living with different cultural norms.

Even pointing out differences in two races is not necessarily racism.

It requires that the offending party offer something directed at the offended party showing they feel their race is superior in some way.

Do you see how based on this definition, a person of one race who feels offended just by a differing opinion may actually be the person exhibiting racism if they feel offended because “their” racially biased ideas are superior?

Also notice that nowhere in the definition or explanation here are specific details of any “color” or “ethnicity” used. Because those are irrelevant other than to say that the two parties must be of a different race or ethnicity; specifics don’t matter for either side of the argument.

Blacks can be racist against whites, Jews against Hispanics, Whites against Asians, etc., the list is endless.

Our founding fathers and the early growth of our country relied on our ability to welcome different people from different nations with open arms. We’ve always relished diversity as a key point in what makes America unique.

But we are a nation of laws, so we insist people coming into our country must do so in a manner consistent with our immigration policy. Asking them to do this has nothing to do with what race they might be, only the need for a legal process.

Likewise, crying “racism” every time our President or any other person in power makes a statement that we might not agree with is a ridiculously dangerous way to voice our disagreement.

Most times, the statements are taken completely out of context and molded to fit our own definition of “racism,” and this poses a significant threat to our future. Again, our President is a great example. He is a terrible speaker and responds many times with no forethought.

One thing is clear, however.

If you say something bad about him, he will say something bad about you right back. It has nothing to do with your skin color; in fact, even the New York Times points out that most of the people he insults are white.

Yet, every time he responds in this way to a person of color; “Racism!” No context and no actual words referring to anything race related. We hear what we need to and move on. He is a buffoon, yes. A racist? I’m not so sure.

And maybe because the accusation comes with no supporting evidence other than the accuser wanting to get their story heard and the term gets attention.

For now.

The danger is clear from that simple story we all know from childhood.

Soon the cry will mean nothing. No one will listen and no one will respond. The outcome will be a nation callus to the damage done when true racial tensions present to undermine our great nation.

The future depends on learning and applying a very simple idea from when we were much younger.

A time before constant mislabeling bred the hatred felt today.

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