What Is Your Direction Finder?

I enjoy wandering without direction, highlighted in the name of my photo site; wanderingpixels.com.

I feel wandering is acceptable for travel planning when comfortable not always knowing where you might end up or how the day might unfold.

Wandering through the woods not long ago, I glanced down to find an unexpected object suggesting where to go next; a distinct arrow pointing me onward.

It’s always nice to get helpful suggestions for finding our way so having one pop up like this seemed like a good sign, so I followed the arrow as directed.

I’d like to say it led me to a place of infinite wisdom or maybe tell you I followed this small arrow and found a pot of gold or a big bag of money. I could create a viral post and become famous for following a wet leaf.

Of course, real life tends to be less dramatic. All this leaf did was lead me forward.

Over a hill and around a bend I found a photo opportunity I am happy to share:

Most of us search for direction in our life. We desire a reason for living; to figure out that one special thing we yearn to complete while on earth.

This search for direction and purpose can lead to some interesting thoughts to ponder.

For me, I wonder what true Atheist’s use as an explanation for their purpose and existence? Is happenstance really acceptable?

It would seem logical to me that if you are in the group who believe we developed as a chance happening from a cosmic mishap, then our existence is purely accidental and so there is no enduring purpose for even being present on this earth.

We change oxygen into carbon dioxide and warm water and occupy space until our carbon beings deteriorate back to the molecular structure of a useless mass only fertilizing the ground beneath us. We are apex predators in a large food chain, but arrived by a universe built on a foundation of randomness, suddenly changing course and building our complexity over millions of years purely by accident.

With no purpose for being, what we accomplish here is only by a selfish desire to perpetuate our own genetic material with little true regard for others outside ensuring our own survival for as long as possible.

Perhaps my view is too narrow here, but a chance existence brings no guidance for me into this equation.

For the rest of us, we accept that some Higher Power is the source of the intelligent design we see around us, and we belong here with a specific purpose. We spend countless hours trying, sometimes desperately, to find out what that might be to fulfill our reason for being.

Some of us are fortunate to say we’ve found our passion and we move forward with efficiency and feel fulfilled in our daily tasks.

Many of us continue to search for that elusive feeling of contentment in our quest.

I would love to provide the answer here and exclaim that all is right with the world.

Of course, I can’t.

I’m on the same journey and it’s a struggle some days. I promise to share what I can when tiny bits of wisdom creep into my foggy brain. I ask for you to do the same. There is safety in numbers.

I do know that sitting still removes the danger of moving in the wrong direction.

But when we sit still and do nothing new; the scenery never changes either.
And that gets really boring. Life isn’t meant to be boring. It’s meant to be a journey.

Sitting still also removes the chance of ever moving in the right direction as well.

Life prompts us to change our scenery, and we can only do that by moving, standing, turning, or looking in a different direction and changing our perspective.

Keep trying something new. Don’t settle. Don’t give in. Don’t get comfortable.

When life stagnates, look around. Nudges for new direction can be found in the smallest and most unexpected places, like a leaf filled with water.

If we don’t keep moving, any direction we are facing loses all importance.

I would love to hear you thoughts on what motivates you, what drives you forward, and how you handle finding your way!

I take pictures & write stories. Sometimes I get paid. A perpetual student of life who gets lost on purpose. Clap. Hit Follow. Come along for the ride.

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