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What Response Will Make You Handle Life Better?

Another 8 minutes passed before the keyboard started making noise again. The words appearing on the page created a dialog different from the one mulling around in my head.

The voices are seldom loud or obnoxious, but their tendency to wander is common.

It’s a theme for most of my life.

Focus, distraction, focus, distraction. Wander. Can anyone relate?

Most of the time I wander back to my original thoughts and desired theme, but sometimes the distance I meander from my original path is too far to navigate successfully back until I stop and regroup, or just give up.

Giving up is easy.

Pushing through develops character and I know that from both experience and the significant number of times I’m told by those surrounding me. But pushing through the muck of the world is a difficult task. Current times evoke strong emotions. Regardless of political views, social views, or personal beliefs; we each struggle to sort through the gargantuan pile of rubble pushed into our heads each day via the social media app of choice.

What’s your poison? Facebook? Such a great idea for sharing information, allowing vicarious illusions of friends and family in fun-filled ribbons of time. Yet, it’s devolved into a gargoyle of hate and single-line jousting poking holes in the protective bubbles we attempt to hold around us.

Yet we can’t turn it off.

Well, we can physically push the button, but the mental addiction forces us to keep the screen lit so we don’t miss something exciting that might happen. It slowly dissolves common courtesy and the generosity living in any humble spirit until we lose the ability to interact with anyone who might have a dissimilar viewpoint from our own.

It makes this world a sad place.

Should we place blame on a political figure or a world leader? Did they come into our home and hold our eyes open, forcing us to read what they believe? Or instead, did we delude our own integrity by letting the words and slant of our chosen source of information dilute the ability to think clearly and rationally on our own?

What we read on news feeds on the internet; it’s not all true. What you see on TV or read on your Facebook feed; it’s not all true either.

Promise. It is information designed to make you respond with some emotion, typically anger or hate. These things get more clicks and make someone else more money.

It only destroys us slowly from the inside if we let it.

The flood of information presented in real time has potential to overwhelm even the sharp-witted soul.

With enough rain, the largest dam still breaks.

The response to life is always ours to make, and no other being can direct the emotions or reactions we choose. It’s physically impossible.

I know we like to say, “he or she made me mad,” but the truth is, you got mad because you let yourself get mad and no one else is to blame.

I’ll say it again, there just is no physical way anyone else can reach into your head and flip a switch that turns on “mad and angry” in us. We control that switch completely.

They can taunt us and say things we disagree with; but we still need to choose our reaction to what they say or do.


So when it rains in life we have a choice to make.

We plan ahead and learn to swim strongly agains the current. We can put on a life jacket to help us float, we can move to higher ground and stay dry, or we can stand our ground and drown as the water level rises.

Our choice.

I think the best idea is planning ahead.

Learn to interpret an emotional response to situations and plan how we deal with information contrary to our own beliefs. Learn to respond rather than react. Emotional reactions to things we disagree with are rarely positive or productive.

Rational response, however, diffuses and helps persuade when handled calmly.

Putting on a life jacket can help; Surround ourselves with people who create positive energy, understand our personality, and care enough to assist us in keeping our head above water when we struggle.

Another option is moving to higher ground. Education and deep, focused research into topics we find passion in learning. Learn the facts. Know the actual truth, not the media spin or political slant derived from social media and bias news outlets. Do the footwork ourselves and build a solid foundation to support our belief system.

This takes real effort and most are just to lazy or close-minded to really make it happen successfully.

Or we give up.

We drown in the world of hate and feel sorry for ourselves at the water rises around us. We blame everyone else for our troubles and sink deeper into the misery provided freely to all who will suck it in.

The choice is all yours.

I take pictures & write stories. Sometimes I get paid. A perpetual student of life who gets lost on purpose. Clap. Hit Follow. Come along for the ride.

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