What We Can Learn From The Rose

Photography by Bradford Chase

A damp misty morning settles as dew on the petals of the perfect yellow rose.

Sun rays reflect across the garden and blushes red through the clouds of the night storm passing across the overlooking hillside.

I consider the magnificence of a perfect rose as the aroma of sweet fragrance lifts from the surrounding flowers and fills the air with scented happiness.

With ancestry reaching deep into history, we drench the rose in symbolism.

Once considered for currency and always sought after for its beauty, the yellow rose holds a special spot for friendship.

Perhaps it’s a comparison of the yellow rose to the radiating sunshine which can warm a hard heart or pull the chill from a stale, cold room.

I found this rose among many in a special garden dedicated to roses from around the world and felt compelled to capture the image of the droplets on the face of the flower just as the sun reached over a nearby tree to bathe it in its brilliance.

It made me smile.

I realized as I moved in close to take the picture that many times I walked by this same scene and paid it no attention.

I stood tall and scurried, missing the chance to take part in a mini performance of happiness playing out so close to my own life drama of not-so-happy-ness.

It’s an old cliché; “stop and smell the roses;” I know we’ve heard it before.

But how many times do we let everything else take precedent and push the rose smelling to the bottom of the list?

For me; it’s often.

I bury my face in my phone and let my mind fill with the stress produced from a news feed crammed with tales of misspent time and waves of frustrating comments.

The hit and miss crowd who like to stir the pot. They cause my emotions to swirl.

What happened to pictures of happy children and videos of crazy cats?

Instead, we find ourselves immersed in swill and murky fiction pushed through as facts and we struggle to make sense of it all.

I need to return to smelling roses.

I think we need to put our faces in the wet petals and inhale deeply with eyes closed, so the experience envelops us; our focus on the right now moments.

Yesterday was a struggle. Tomorrow may be a challenge.

But the yellow rose provides a reprise from the noise of the world and gives us time to pause so we can breathe again. We step back and adjust our vision, change our perspective, and give ourselves permission to feel compassion for our fellow travelers whose journey is just as crazy as ours.

We must learn to relax and enjoy life for what it offers

This week I will try harder to enjoy the small things that happen closer to earth than my mind lets me wander most days.

I love to have my head in the clouds, but the yellow roses are calling to my sensibilities and the desperate need to slow down, take a deep breath, and be present in the moment rather than trying so hard to figure out what the next moment might bring.

Stop and smell the happiness and bend down to notice the vision of relaxation.

I take pictures & write stories. Sometimes I get paid. A perpetual student of life who gets lost on purpose. Clap. Hit Follow. Come along for the ride.

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